‘There are objects that render a space more empty than mere vacancy could ever envisage ....’   (Anish Kapoor)


Jules Allen creates, books, book objects and environments based on history.


She unearths compelling stories to explore the ways and lives of people, their beliefs, perceptions and extraordinary feats of human endeavour and re-tells them for a contemporary audience.


Narratives emerge through traditional book structures, passages of assembled objects and sculptural forms that offer the ‘blank page’ as a means of transcending word and image. 


Cabinets, drawers, boxes, shoes and gloves become ‘covers’ that confine, conceal and protect.


The synthesis of time, thought, and the meticulous processes involved with making, present a personal journey that unfolds, where experience is calcified and touch leaves its own residual history. 


Where the origins of the book are anchored to a distant lineage of shoemaker, tinsmith, carpenter and seamstress.