​I combine the skills of bookbinding and printing to create artists' books, book objects and site specific work, but also have a tendency towards collecting unusual items which are assembled to create object narratives reminiscent of the 'cabinets of curiosity' that were sought after during the age of enlightenment.


I see my collections of objects as 'books of a different kind' each with its own story.


I love visiting sacred  and historic sites, where the traces and voices of the past have left an almost tangible presence. To navigate back and forth between past and present, discovering the ways and lives of people, their rituals, beliefs and connections is fascinating,  but has also initiated a  journey of self discovery that has led to me uncovering my own heritage. It seems that 'making' is in my blood through a line of craftspeople ranging from shoemaker to whitesmith and carpenter.Through my work, I like to think that I am playing a small part in paying homage to my ancestors as well as helping to preserve some of our endangered skills.


I have always been drawn to books.

They are made by and for the enjoyment of hand and eye, but also suggest a deeper alignment to body and mind, of thought and word.


It's impossible to not be seduced by the sensuous materials; book cloth, leather, linen, silk threads, gold leaf, beautifully hand made antique and marbled papers,  all sumptuous in their own right but 

the process of binding also fosters a 'slowing down’ of time that for me, brings a sense of permanence,  meaningful purpose and reparation.